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Secrets – The Loving Touch – 3.14.18

Secrets, Picturesque, The Thoughtlife and Collections
The Loving Touch – Ferndale, MI – 3.14.2018
Photographer: Kailey Howell

California post-hardcore band Secrets has been trekking across North America in celebration of the release of their self-titled album. Joining them at The Loving Touch in Ferndale, MI was Picturesque and locals The Thoughtlife and Collections.

SECRETS is the band’s fourth full-length album since the release of their 2012 debut album The Ascent. The album reached #9 on Billboard’s “Hard Rock Album Sales” chart. The emotion driven album carries the band’s post-hardcore vibes while showing maturation in their lyrics and overall sound.

Collections, a metal core band from Lapeer, MI opened the evening. The band’s 2017 EP Empty Spaces highlights the bands heavy tones and proves their someone to keep your eye on.

Collections played “Hard to Swallow” off of Empty Spaces along with “Burdens”. The band  also performed a new song off of their upcoming album, “Wasted Life”.

“I could do that generic metal core thing and tell you we’re going to inspire you but the truth is you have to do that for yourself” vocalist Levi Hanna told the crowd.

After an emotional performance of “Home”, Collections left the crowd in anticipation for a high energy night.

The Thoughtlife from Detroit, MI opened with the first song off their debut album Monsters & Revelations, “Start Believing”. The band has a rock sound with narrative styled lyrics that are comparable to The Deer Hunter.

Vocalist Benjamin Burbary was full of emotion on stage, as he appeared animated with every line. The rest of the band was nothing short of that energy, with guitarist Shayne Strem singing along to every song.

The band also included the song “Revelations” off of their album. The bands passion shined when they ended their set arms  around each other surrounding the drum kit.

Picturesque , a metal band from Lexington, KY performed one of the most energetic sets of the night. The band opened with “Waiting” off of their 2017 album Back to Beautiful. Vocalist Kyle Hollis’ voice flawlessly hit every note as the crowd sang back every lyric.

For a change of pace, Hollis and guitarist Dylan Forrester performed an acoustic version of the closing track off the album, “Unannounced”. To close their set, Picturesque played fan favorite, “Honestly”.

Secrets stormed the stage as they opened with “Dance of the Dead” off of their 2014 album Fragile Figures. Without any front lights for the song, the set started off full of intensity.

The set was carried by the duality of vocalist/guitarist Richard Rogers’ harmonies and vocalist Wade Walters screams. Fans were packed around the stage as Walters shared the mic with those in the front.

The band did not forget any oldies, as they featured the song “The Oath” off of their 2012 album, The Ascent. Their set also included the song “3.17.16” off of the new album, which carries a heavy tone. The song portrays the day that Rogers’ sister passed away.

Other songs included off of SECRETS included “Five Years”, “Incredible” and “Sixteen”. After “Rise Up”, the set contained a one song encore of “Sleep Well, Darling”.

Secrets will continue their tour across North America with Picturesque through the end of the month. After Mexico, they’ll take the tour across the globe to South Africa, China, Australia and New Zealand.

You can stream SECRETS here, and follow the band on Facebook for more updates!




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