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lovelytheband – The Majestic – 6.21.19

The LA-based group lovelytheband has been making waves since their official debut album, finding it hard to smile, released last year.

You’ve probably become accustomed to their smash single “broken” – after all, it rose to the top of the Billboard alternative charts for nine weeks. However, despite their seemingly overnight success, the trio has been carrying the momentum on their recent tour, titled after their recent release.

One of the most impressive moments about lovelytheband’s Motown return after MoPop is that they selected local band Hala to be their first opener. With hit tracks “Sorry” and “What is Love? Tell Me, Is it Easy?”, their set provided an electric and triumphant start to the show.

New Dialogue, the second opening act, showcased an image reminiscent of a Brick by Boring Brick Paramore: fresh and groovy, with a healthy mix of rock and pop. These ingredients helped make for the perfect addition to get the crowd warmed up on a Friday night. Highlights include the summer-soaked “Neon Ocean” and guaranteed future sing-along “Pilgrims.”

After a wonderful selection of ‘80’s classics, lovelytheband emerged, showing a vibrant and eclectic front to the Majestic Theatre. This is where the fun begins. Lit by their signature lip print neon sign, the band was able to give something they could not really deliver with their Mo Pop set: presence.

With a string of successful singles in their pocket, the group managed to go their track list with ease – and the audience seemed to know every word. With up-and-coming groups, this can be somewhat hard to find, but it was present that their fan base is beginning to accumulate quickly.

However, despite their flashy sets and marvelous light show, the true highlight came ¾ into the show. Their Michigan-born lead singer Mitchy Collins discussed about how the group treasured making their group filled with inclusive fans. Publicly declaring the group fully supported women’s and LGBTQ+ rights, he discussed about his first experience at a Pride event.

“You should be proud of who you are every day you take a breath on this earth,” he said. “Kiss who you want to kiss. Boys kiss boys. Girls kiss girls. Be who you want to be. Feel who you want to feel. Love who you want to love. This is 2019. The world could use more love.”

That’s the message that truly resonated with this group. While their image may seem commonplace in this new era of glamour and aesthetics, it is transparent in their message that equality and recognition is an important factor for them. And though, while we all may be afraid sometimes – wink – there is hope in love, acceptance and true progress that is present in the music of today.

Stream the band’s latest release here. Also, check out their latest single “Change Your Mind” with Dillon Francis here. For more information on their future tour dates, visit their page.

Check out Daron Donohue’s photos from the show below!


New Dialogue


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