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Motherfolk + Beta Camp – The Loving Touch – 2.28.20

Before the show started, there were 58 tickets sold for this show, according to the venue. But, by the end of the night, it was nearly a full house. Pursuer and The Running Youngs definitely helped contribute to the crowded room at the start of the show.

Pursuer shared their songs with the crowd – a lot of which aren’t released yet, as they’re working on releasing them soon. However, those recorded on their 2019 EP Brazil  translated wonderfully live. The audience was devastated when they denied their request to play one more song, as they didn’t have any more to play. 

Up next was The Running Youngs. The band pulled the crowd even closer to the stage than before. The five piece band from Livonia was adored by everyone. As they played new and old music, the crowd loved them nonetheless. With two albums under their belt, we look forward to the bands upcoming work. In the meantime, their 2018 album Destroyer will not disappoint.

As this show was a co-headliner, Motherfolk was up first. The band opened with “Fine With It.” Dedicated fans jumped around enthusiastically, showing high appreciation towards the performance. The whole set was very enjoyable for everyone, fans and casual concert-goers alike. 

It ended incredibly with their song “Kill The Sun” from their album Family Ghost.

Shortly after a few Motherfolk fans screamed as the drummer, Ethan Wescott, held up a banana – Beta Camp went on to perform as the last band of the night.

The Detroit natives very well deserved that spot. As they opened with “Asleep at the Wheel,” they promised their fans an enticing show.

After a full set, they ended with their song, “Settle In” from their album Violent Honey with a mix of the classic “Best Of You.”

As they left the stage, they jokingly screamed “Goodnight, and we’re the Foo Fighters!”

You can listen to Beta Camp’s newest single, “Blend In,” here.


The Running Youngs


Beta Camp

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