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Nematode produces psychedelic vibes with debut singles

Nematode is a four-piece psychedelic rock band that consists of Aaron Mughannam (vocals/keys), Larry Flatley (lead guitar), Kazim Zaidi (bass), and Mike Downey (drums). Together, the band works to create a soft, indie and very psychedelic sound that isn’t quite what you’d expect from a band based out of West Philly.

“Be Free” is currently the band’s top chart on Spotify with over 10,000 plays. Mughannam’s smooth vocals are backed by slow, but carefully developed riffs.

Since the release of “Be Free” the band has put out two more singles; “Friends” as well as their most recent single, “Bugs.”

“Bugs” opens up with a little more of an abstract feel, but rolls right into the band’s rhythmic vibes. While this single has a little more of a spacey feel than the others with its techy tones, it shows that the band has a wide range of creative visions.

Each single is accompanied by stunning cover art that highlights the band’s aesthetic.

These three singles leave us high in anticipation for an EP or even full-length album in the future for the band. We are eager to see where their creative endeavors take their work.

Follow Nematode on Instagram and check out their Facebook to keep up to date with what they have in store.


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