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Poppy – The Majestic – 2.1.20

Dedicated fans packed The Majestic in Midtown Detroit Saturday night to see YouTuber and singer songwriter sensation Poppy perform her newest album I Disagree that was released mid last month..

Poppy started out on YouTube in November of 2014 with her debut video titled Poppy Eats Cotton Candy which gained momentum very quickly. Her videos started out as artistic, abstract, skits that only later evolved into what is now her thriving music career as well.

There is no denying that Poppy is standing out amongst the social normalities and making a monumental name for herself. Her unique take on both metal and pop music adds a fresh feeling to the scene.

Opening up the night is death pop duo VOWWS. This Australian band consists of singer-guitarist Matt James and singer-keyboardist Rizz.

The bands music is eerie and captivating, which is equally represented in their live show. The visual use of moody lighting and long dark clothing was aesthetically on point with the feelings of their set. The band performed songs off their 2018 album Under The World which you can stream here on Spotify.

As soon as the house music went silent and the lights went dark, fans started chanting for Poppy as loud as they could moments before the headlining act stormed the stage.

Silhouetted in front of a light box, Poppy and her band opened up with the song Concrete, which is the first track off the artists 2020 album, only then to move on to another fan favorite BLOODMONEY.

From watching Poppy on stage one can see the energy and excitement she has while performing her music. One thing to note is how fans were able to hear her signature Poppy voice live. She interacted with the crowd with her robot voice, which was especially astounding to experience in person.

Closing out the night with the title track I Disagree was bittersweet. The sense of livliness and community throughout the fans was incredible the whole night, which could leave someone potentially wishing the set was never-ending.

In all, Poppy is a extraordinary performer and singer songwriter unique to the newest generation of music. If you missed the Detroit show, you can find tickets to the remainder of the tour and more information at and make sure to stream her newest album I Disagree here. 





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