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Poppy to headline the Majestic 2/1

Following the release of her fourth studio album, I Disagree, avant-garde pop artist Poppy will be headlining The Majestic Theater in Detroit on February 1.

The singer/songwriter debuted her album with an exploration of genres. The opening track “Concrete” is a juxtaposition of down tuned metal and delicate, synth heavy vocals.

You can stream the album here.

The experimental tendencies show Poppy’s ability to blend her sound with various genres – something that highlights true musicianship.

“BLOODMONEY” opens with a hard hitting beat that immediately grabs the listeners attention. The song is bold, intensified by the aggressive chant of lyrics;

“Keep telling yourself that you’ve been playing nice / And go beg for forgiveness from Jesus the Christ.”

Before the album release, she dropped a video for “Fill The Crown” which references Ingmar Bergman’s classic film The Seventh Seal.

Tickets are available for Poppy’s show here. Opening the tour is Australian based duo VOWWS.

Follow Poppy on Facebook to follow tour updates and see what she has in store.


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