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RAF YELE talks upcoming music

In 2002 Artez Hadley watched Nelly perform on MTV and knew from that young of an age that the music industry was meant for him. Now known as RAF YELE, he did just that and is now rapping and performing.

2020 is going to bring more music as well as a social media rebrand for him. Hadley has been sitting on a single for two years now, titled “Daddy Kane,” that will be ready for the public as soon as March 5th.

Hadley recorded the single at his friend Mellow’s house. Together they worked towards the direction of what “Daddy Kane” would become. Hadley says that this single is him taking a different perspective from his usual self, and it is very different from what they would usually record.

“We were scrolling through samples on his computer and we came across this one and I freaked out and said ‘We gotta use this.,'” he says. “I ended up just laying the hook in the first verse over the sample loop.”

While they ran into some different ideas while recording, they created something that ended up working really well. Hadley says the writing for this song came in a very organic matter.

“He went back after I recorded to add some snares and drums. To make a long story short we had to ditch the sample because it just didn’t fit with the drums and the bpm but it made the song sound so much better,” Hadley says.

Also in the works is Hadley’s next project titled CHERP. It is uncertain if Daddy Kane will be a single on CHERP, but the possibility is there.

“For CHERP I just really wanna showcase my versatility and I just like saying ‘cherp,'” he tells us in reference to the title choice. “There no hidden meaning behind it just thought it would stick in peoples heads it being a such short word.”

We can expect to hear something fresh and different from past releases while still staying true to the energy that Hadley’s music brings,

“Every time I get into the process of doing a project I always try to one up myself from what I did in the past,” Hadley says. “I’ve decided to move towards a more melodic laid-back sound.”

Although CHERP is still in its writing process, and with “Daddy Kane” not yet released, fans still have new work by the young artist to hold them over. Hadley was recently featured on two 2020 singles by Patron Mellow, titled “Proof” and “Interest Pt 1.

“Dozens of times I thought about quitting, giving up, and throwing in the towel but my friends and family and fans always have a way of keeping me from doing something I regret,” Hadley says. “[It is] something that truly brings me joy and that is one thing I’m truly grateful for.”




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