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Vena Morris – The Loving Touch – 2.21.20

Bad Fashion, Seaholm, Mac Saturn, and Vena Morris are all high-energy, funny, and downright just a great bunch of people to watch and listen to perform. The four bands threw an excellent party at the Loving Touch this past week. 

The show opened with Austin Carpenter from Bad Fashion performing their song “I Ain’t Got No Words.” Once the full band entered, the crowd excited as to what was going to come next for them, and all of the bands following.

Towards the end of their set, Bad Fashion played their less than 24-hour-old single, “Dreamin’ Up Ways.” 

“It’s so fresh, I’m afraid to play it,” Carpenter exclaimed on stage. “No ‘regurts,’ am I right?” 

The next band up was Seaholm, who brought so much energy and laughter to the stage, it was almost too much to handle. Not only did they get their fellow musicians from Vena Morris to bust a move, but everyone had to dance in some kind of way.

Between an energetic performance and vine references, Seaholm is a band you should definitely take a weekend off to go see. With their latest release being their 2018 EP I Thought It’d Be Funny, we are eager for more new music from the band this year. 

Next up was Mac Saturn. The alternative vibe they give off in their recorded music is wildly different from their loud, heavier performance. This is especially clear in their song “Banana Wine III,” as they make the long instrumental so much more heavy and bounceable.

The headlining band, Vena Morris, had brought the audience very close to the stage as people couldn’t wait to hear their original emo sound. 

One of the first songs they played was their oldest single from 2017, “Golden.” This song solidified the relationship they had with the audience, as they knew they were in for a show to remember.

Vena Morris completely stole the show with the dynamic performance, incredible lead vocals from Joe Ragnone, and the matching shirts between two of the members, and the energy that radiated off of them and into the audience.

Their set included tracks from their 2019 EP Oh, Joyless as well as their newest single, “It Feels like When Rachel Wrote Ross 18 Pages.” 

Stream their latest single here and follow the band on Facebook to keep up to date with what they have in store. 

Bad Fashion


Mac Saturn

Vena Morris

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