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Review: Hot Mulligan – “You’ll Be Fine”

Hot Mulligan is still bringing the fire with latest release you’ll be fine. They didn’t fall short with lyrical growth and heightened complexity. The five piece from Lansing, Michigan was able to bring us new emotion filled songs while still harnessing the sound people love from the freshman LP Pilot.

“OG Blue Sky” opens the album we are greeted with a drum fill followed by the signature emo guitar sounds. Nathan “Tades” Sanville and Chris Freeman’s vocals combine beautifully for a great opener. It’s just the beginning of what’s in store for the rest of the album.

“*Equip Sunglasses*” and “Feal Like Crab” follow. The band continues with their up-beat, unique emo pop-punk sound and emotional lyrics. We are also brought slower songs on this album, adding a nice mix of pace to the tracks.

You’ll be fine harnesses the signature sound the Lansing band created for themselves with their previous release, Pilot. Some argue that it may be too similar to previous releases, while others think it’s a step forward from where they were. I do still hear notes from Pilot. Th fact is, Hot Mulligan is a very talented group of musicians who know how to weave between genre lines.

The album brings a fuller sound instrumentally. However, Tades’ lyrics can get lost within it all. His voice, although on the gritty side, is wonderful. I wish I could hear it a bit more clearly on some of the tracks.

My personal favorite(s) off of the album may just be “Green Squirrel In Pretty Bad Shape” and “Analog Fade.” With lyrics like:

Wish I could take back times that I pushed you away.
Choked up and leaving you, I’m so sorry.

I can definitely see myself screaming along in a crowd just like I do with my favorite Pilot songs.

Hot Mulligan brought a dynamic and emotional album, making sure to try and push their genre boundaries. you’ll be fine touches on loss, pain and lessons learned.

This June, the band will be headlining St. Andrews Hall on the 26th with friends in Heart Attack Man, Fredo Disco and Super American. Tickets and information can be found here.

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