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Sad Summer Festival debuts as the emo party of the summer

Sad Summer Festival kicked off its debut year with a summer long run of highly successful shows. The gap of long days in the sun at Vans Warped Tour just may have been filled.

The festival started off with a hard hitting list of headliners; Mayday Parade, The Maine, State Champs and The Wonder Years.

What made this list successful was that not only were these bands the soundtrack to an emo youth, but they are still releasing good music.

The Maine released their seventh studio album You Are OK earlier this year. The album was met with widespread fandom and appreciation across social media. Mayday Parade released their sixth album Sunnyland last year. The Wonder Years played a packed set at the final BLED Fest here in Michigan and State Champs have been climbing the charts in this new punk rock era.

Mayday Parade headlined Pontiac, playing in the pouring rain to fans. Fans who stayed in that rain throughout the entire set, proving their dedication.

John O’Callaghan of The Maine joined the crowd at the sound booth, singing “Another Night on Mars” to adoring fans.

The festival also sprinkled in a blend of up and coming artists to open for the veterans. Bands like Mom JeansStand Atlantic, and Just Friends were a perfect fit. They drew a high energy, enthusiastic fan base that got the crowd moving early on in the day.

The Pontiac date of Sad Summer also hosted a select amount of local artists, providing a total of three stages for attendees to visit during the day. The sense of community was strong with friends supporting each other, and then going to rock out to their favorite band together.

In addition to the talent, the atmosphere at the festival was welcoming. The branded photo opportunities provided a fun break from the crowd. The arcade inside provided an excellent escape from the heat outside.

The festival also stressed that everyone should feel comfortable; from the vegan food options to the signs informing people of consent.

For its first year, Sad Summer Festival hit the ground running and we can only expect it to get better from here.

For more information, visit the festival’s website here.

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A Year in New York



Greg Butcher and the Degens 



Josie Pace



Just Friends



Mayday Parade



Mom Jeans









Signature Mistakes



Stand Atlantic


State Champs


The Wonder Years

Young Pioneer

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