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Stick to Your Guns -The Bottom Lounge – 07/25/19

On July 25, Stick to Your Guns, Counterparts, Terror, Sanction, and Year of The Knife took the stage at Bottom Lounge in Chicago on their Pure Noise Tour. 

Year of The Knife and Sanction both had the crowd moshing aggressively when they started the show. Standing off to the side, one could see all the chaos in which they both were stirring up in the pits. From people hardcore dancing to people throwing arms and legs while spinning in circles. The people in the pits are some die hard fans of these two bands first playing the stage.

You can stream Year of the Knife’s latest single, “Sick Statistic” here.

Sanction released their new album, Broken in Refraction the day after the show. Stream it here.   

As Terror began their set, vocalist Scott Vogel pointed out that he hated the barricades and that he wanted fans coming to him on the stage. The crowd got even more rowdy, starting to crowd surf to the front – putting all the four to five guards to work. 

After all the chaos and destruction Terror created it was time for Counterparts. Fresh off a European tour, the band was ready to get rowdy here in the states. Kicking off their set with “Monument,” vocalist Brian Kaczmarczyk encouraged the crowd to move around – side to side and front to back. These fans came to party and move with the music because the whole venue seemed to shake.

Their set also included songs off of their 2017 album You’re Not You Anymore such as “No Servant of Mine” and “Thieves.”

Stick to Your Guns came out swinging, opening their set with “Nobody” off of their 2015 album Disobedient

While their set was by far the rowdiest of the night, the band made sure to make a statement that was more than just the music. Vocalist Jesse Barnett brought up some very social issues that the community faces.

Barnett called out ICE; it doesn’t matter of your economic standing we all know that it’s wrong that families and children are being held against their will at the border of this country.

He also stating that this generation is in trouble and people need to wake up because it doesn’t matter which side you are on; they are both doomed.

“This one is for our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico,” Barnett claimed with purpose before the band played  “Against Them All.” HE then stepped down to the barricade and everyone started to pile and yell the lyrics to the song not just to that one but also a couple others.

Overall the show was an aggressive one and bringing the community closer together while still managing to have a good time. This is a must see line up because all of these bands give it their all for the crowd, make sure to catch them on the rest of the Pure Noise Tour.

To stay updated with the bands, visit Pure Noise Records. 



Stick to Your Guns

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