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The Faim – The Shelter – 10.1.19

The Faim, Stand Atlantic, WSTR, Hold Close 
The Shelter – Detroit, MI – 10.1.19
Photographer: Kailey Howell

After the successful release of their debut album, State of Mind, Australian natives The Faim co-headlined tour dates across the U.S. with Stand Atlantic.

The bands stop at The Shelter here in Detroit was highly anticipated, with fans lined up outside the venue prior to doors. This allowed opening band Hold Close (not pictured) to share their recently released album Time with the awaiting fans. Fronted by vocalist Braxton Smiley, the band played hits off the new album like “Breathe” and “Tropical Depression.”

All the way from Liverpool, WSTR took the stage next, making the traditional 8 Mile references on stage before opening with “Footprints” off of the 2017 album Red, Green or Inbetween. For a special treat, the band performed their latest single “Filthy” for the first time live.

Also hailing from down under, Stand Atlantic came out full force with opening track “Bullfrog.” Vocalist Bonnie Fraser is a powerhouse front woman, utilizing her range of vocal abilities as well skills on the guitar.

The crowd packed themselves in front of the stage, eager to scream the lyrics of “Skinny Dipping” back to Fraser. After filling the room with flashlights and lighters for “Toothpick” the pace picked back up for tracks like “Lost My Cool” and closing track “Lavender Bones.”

The crowd may have let on that they were dedicated to only one of the headliners, but that was far from true as the room remained dense near the stage when The Faim walked out. The band immediately broke into “Saints of the Sinners” causing fans to go wild.

Vocalist Josh Raven worked the crowd, sharing the mic with fans and encouraging them to get just as rowdy as he was. Accompanying band members Sam Tye (guitar), Stephen Beerkens (bass and keyboard and Linden Marissen (drums) met that energy as well.

The Faim’s music brings together notes of the older emo days like Fall Out Boy and Green Day. That being said, experiencing their music live brings just as solid of a sound and musicianship that one would expect from the afore mentioned legends.

The band played a solid amount of tracks off of the latest album including “My Heart Needs to Breathe” and “Words Apart.” In addition, they performed old favorites from their debut EP Summer is a Curse. Songs like “A Million Stars” and “Make Believe” received a roar of applause from fans that have been there from the start. The Faim closed their impressive set with “State of Mind.”

You can follow the band on Facebook to stay updated on future tour dates and upcoming music.

Stream State of Mind here.

The Faim

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