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Michigander wrapping up Midwest tour dates this weekend

Guitarist and songwriter Jason Singer, known as Michigander, released his recent EP Where Do We Go From Here this fall. Singer has received a round of recognition locally as well as nationally as he tours through the Midwest in celebration of its release.

Singer belts empowering lyrics that leave listeners feeling like he truly “gets it.”

“Someone mentioned recently to me that the music I write often talks about what I’m afraid of and what I’m worried about,” Singer told the Detroit Free Press in a Q&A. “I think that’s cool because that opens up discussion. I know I’m not the only one dealing with these stupid fears of growing up or regretting that you aren’t getting enough time to spend with your parents and how certain friendships can pass you by.”

Resurget staff photographer Jeff Mullins was able to capture the truly captivating energy that Singer brings on stage at his EP release show at The Crofoot Ballroom back in September.

Singer only has a couple dates left in the Midwest this fall, including his stop at The Pyramid Scheme this Saturday in Lansing. Tickets and more information can be found here.



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