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The Ghost Inside prevail with new self-titled album

Press photo of The Ghost Inside

Los Angeles metalcore five piece, The Ghost Inside are back with a self-titled release following the 2014 Dear Youth, and first release since their tragic bus accident in 2015.

The band brought everything to the table for this return.

In 2018, fans were told there was still a future for The Ghost Inside, but they were unsure as to what it would look like. Created with producer Will Putney (Every Time I Die, The Amity Affliction, Knocked Loose) and longtime friend/collaborator Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember, The Ghost Inside is 11 songs of determination, deep resolve, reflection, and newfound hope.

The opening track, “1333” is only a minute long, but rings loud with hope with the chanted lines;

“from the ashes brought back to life.”

“Aftermath,” an early released single accompanied with a music video was released in late April. The music video has opening news footage from the scene of the bus crash, which then shows vocalist Jonathan Vigil performing on what seems to be that same stretch of road.

We can also see clips of drummer, Andrew Tkaczyks, recovery after ultimately losing his leg from the accident.

“The band collectively came to see the ordeal as a moment to put their inspirational lyrics to the test,” says a press release. “Songs that were once more philosophical in origin had become autobiographical.”

This can easily be seen in tracks like “Still Alive.”

“I said it before: ‘Only the strong survive’ // You fall, you get up, you never let up // I found my way through the darkest night // I couldn’t give up, it’s time to live up // To everything I said I stand behind, still alive.”

Despite the debut release focusing on the comeback from the accident, the band is not going to let the accident be what defines them, or this album.

“This isn’t about what happened to us,” says bassist Jim Riley. “We won’t get lost in that one day. This is about our journey, our growth and who we are.”

The fourth track, “Pressure Point” presents these feelings to listeners with striking lyrics. The jarring line “fuck this fake sympathy” stands strong.

“Talking tragedy like a broken record // How many times must I relive this hell? // Are you really by my side // Or do you just want another story to tell?”

Riley stated that they went into the recording process “knowing full well that every song and every lyric would be influenced by what we’ve been through, but we tried our best to have them be relatable to everyone.”

Tracks like “One Choice” include a singalong that will lend to a live performance well. Other tracks like “The Outcast” bring the heard hitting breakdowns that has defined the bands work since the beginning.

The album touches on themes of bettering oneself, rising from tragedy and perseverance. Each of these are something that can hit home for any listener.

The release of their album comes at a time that other events in our country can’t be ignored. The band is currently selling select merch that 100% of profit will be donated to the NAACP. Epitaph Records will be matching the donation.

“This release will bring the most attention to TGI that we’ve seen, and we will use that platform to promote anti-racist resources.,” says the band on Twitter. “We can’t tell you what to stand for, you are on that journey yourself. Whether you are taking the first step or the one millionth step, keep moving.”

Photo by Jonathon Weiner
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