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Ania Thomas releases new single “Poison”

Ania Thomas

Ania Thomas, a DIY guitarist/songwriter from LA released her third single, “Poison,” from her upcoming EP, Ania in Chains on June 28th.

“Poison” follows the release of two other tracks from the EP; “Run Away” and “Doors Close.”

Thomas blends melodic aggressive female vocals, modern synth textures, and killer guitar solos in her music. Largely inspired by Trent Raznor of Nine Inch Nails, St Vincent, Blondie, Tool, Rage Against the Machines, L7, Soundgarden, Nirvana, and Alice in Chains, her music embodies the 21st-century rock movement.

Ania Thomas's cover art for PoisonThomas says that “Poison” is inspired by letting go of a toxic relationship.

“Lyrically I wanted to be vague and I wanted to express how this relationship broke me,” she says. “This relationship literally broke my ‘shit’ in a grunge way. I feel as if I lost sense of my self and who I am.”

Thomas says that the song originated as a three chord jam. Since then, she says she worked to add a hook for the chorus followed by additional riffs and textures.

“This song is different from my previous songs since I tried to create a dark pop song something similar to ‘The Hand That Feeds’ by Nine Inch Nails,” she explains. “I also wanted to incorporate some synth electronic modern textures I have been hearing in St. Vincent’s music to make the song pop and current.”

The single is released with an upcoming music video with a visual aesthetic that holds a deeper meaning.

“I wanted to have Poison show the ‘fake’ beautiful and glamorous Los Angeles,” Thomas says. “Its vibrant and beautiful Hollywood side we see in movies and believe is perfect but then tap into the angsty side of the city. The hidden truth. That is why I’m wearing pink pants but then fighting someone wearing a Trump mask and breaking records on Melrose Avenue.”

Thomas says that in her pink pants, she is mocking the perfectionism in Los Angeles.

“I want to show people that shit happens to everyone,” she says. “Life isn’t as perfect as people think. We all go through problems and we all suffer in different ways so it is so important to be human to one another.”

Thomas stresses that she wants fame to understand that everyone has an impact on the world around them and that they should be more aware of who is running it.

“I want people to wake up and think critically for themselves while understand we all can fight for change,” she says. “Although our personal lives are important, I do feel that my generation is too absorbed in social media. Not a lot of people today even know about what is going on in the news or want to know who is in control of our laws. Us people all let our own personal lives absorb us. Sometimes that is how we become blinded.”

Thomas says that she wants to inspire humanity to fight for change and a better future.

“That is why I hope I can keep starting a conversations about injustices in the world in my music,” she says. “Lastly, I really hope my video [for] ‘Poison’ wakes people up or makes them shocked.. or strikes some kind of emotion. Hopefully this will make people stop and want to know what is happening in our society.”

Thomas says that she will be releasing one more single, “Tuesdays” before releasing the EP this year.

You can follow Ania Thomas on Instagram to stay up to date with the EP release.


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