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The Ten Year Fanfare – The Crofoot Complex – 5.18.18

The Ten Year Fanfare
The Crofoot Complex – Pontiac, MI – 5.18.18
Photographer: Kailey Howell

Local promoters Dylan Dulberg and Halie Butki brought the local Detroit music scene together for the second “Ten Year Fanfare” in which bands cover favorite albums that are turning 10 years old in 2018.

With genres ranging from Katy Perry’s One of the Boys all the way to Emmure’s The Respect Issue, there was at least a couple sets, to say the very least, that one could rock out to.

After Green & Alive tugged at the hearts of the crowd when covering Secondhand Serenade’s A Twist in My Story, The Social Bandits (not pictured) opened the Pike Room with their rendition of The Gaslight Anthems The ’59 Sound.

Vocalist Alyssa Riley of The Pretty Okay nailed hit after hit from Katy Perry’s One of the Boys as the Pike Room packed with a crowd eager to belt out their favorite 2008 pop hits.

Downstairs, members of Rumours and Loser broke into “High Grills, and Hot Tops” off of Attack Attack!’s Someday Came Suddenly which quickly led into “Stick Stickly”.

Blind Season covered political punk band Rise Against’s Appeal to Reason. The crowd sang along with vocalist Jeffery Mullins as they covered “Savior”.

Things got rowdy upstairs when Torchbearer covered Emmure’s The Respect Issue. The pit opened up and fans were quick to share the mic with vocalist Brett Rounds.

For a change of pace, Shere Khan alongside Steve Goldberg (Desires) headlined the Pike Room with their cover of 3OH!3’s Want. Their set included raunchy hits like “STARSTRUKK” and “DONTTRUSTME”

Telegraf covered Kanye West’s 808’s and Heartbreak. The full band did a great job performing hits such as “Love Lockdown” and “Heartless”.

Afterwords, If Walls Could Talk with guest guitarist Shayne Stream donned various animal masks as they covered Panic! at the Disco’s Pretty. Odd. Their cover of “Northern Downpour” was enough to bring tears to the eyes of any die hard fan.

It was only natural that if there was to be a Panic! cover, the rest of the “holy trinity” would be represented. Next, Stories Untold took it the extra step to dress up as Fall Out Boy as they covered Foile à Deux. The band covered emo hits such as “20 Dollar Nose Bleed”.

Finally, one of the most anticipated sets of the night was The Illustrator as My Chemical Romance. The cover was able to be done of the bands 2008 live album, The Black Parade Is Dead!

The band nailed it. Vocalist Sean Hill captivated Gerard Way’s energy near perfectly. During the cover of “Mama”, Marissa Ward of Backswing came on stage for guest vocals.

The band closed with emo anthem “Welcome to the Black Parade” which left the entire venue singing along. The entire show was full of nostalgia, and was ultimately a success as friends got to “be” their favorite band for a night.

Check out the gallery of photos below!

Green & Alive

The Pretty Okay

Rumours and Loser


Blind Season

Shere Khan and Steve Goldberg


If Walls Could Talk

Stories Untold

The Illustrator

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