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Tiny Moving Parts – The Loving Touch – 1.28.18

Tiny Moving Parts, Mom Jeans, Oso Oso & Jetty Bones
The Loving Touch – Ferndale, MI – 1.28.18 
Photographer : Kyle Smutzki

If you are living under a rock and unaware that Tiny Moving Parts just released their 6th studio album to date titled, Swell, you need to craw yourself out and check this album out because this one is one hell of a release.

TMP have been have been touring on Swell since the 25th of January and will be on the road until the 4th of March. There is a pretty good chance that this run will be coming near your area and this is my way of kindly urging you to go out and see this show, but do not sleep on getting your tickets because every show for this run has been selling out.

Tonight was their stop at The Loving Touch in Ferndale, Mich., and I was more than excited to catch it.

Jetty Bones opened the night off and without even having to ask, the socializing crowd swarming the back of the building willingly made their way up to the stage. In the past two years that I’ve been photographing concerts, I’ve never seen as many smiles both on stage and in the crowd than I have during this set and it was truly something to see.

I went into this show unfamiliar with Jetty Bones and have since been struggling with a slight addiction to their 2017 release through Take This To Heart Records, Old Women.

(They will be returning to Michigan on March 10th, this time in Lansing at The Loft bands such as Knuckle Puck, Boston Manor, and Free Throw-  so if you missed them at this show make sure you see them there!)

Oso Oso, trekking over from Long Beach, New York took the stage next. Keeping the momentum going all while adding their own unique flair of sound to the performance, which resulted in ending in a positive reaction from the audience.

Soon the California sad-boys in Mom Jeans were up and it was apparent that many people in this venue (myself included) were very thrilled to have them back in Michigan for the night- I say this because there was not one note from frontman Eric Butler that was left unmatched. The guys roared through their set of melodious hits with taking small breaks in between songs for tuning but left no moment wasted while filling the time with knock-knock jokes and other comedic relief involving the audience from the bassist, Gabriel Paganin.

Suddenly, the dimmed lights balancing the haze-filled lounge went black, and in perfect time the headliner of the sold-out show, Tiny Moving Parts, took stage opening the set with the first track from the new album, “Applause,” and the crowd practically blew the roof of the venue. People were somehow storming up through the base of people singing along with Dylan Mattheisen at the front of the stage and dodging security just to get their chance dive off of the stage and this energy would last throughout their whole set.

Frontman and lead guitarist, Mattheisen fed on this energy and displayed his “A” game while moving from end to end and still remaining to hit every note on both his guitar and voice.

As their set came to an end, the audience called for “one more song” and as soon as they could throw on their janitor overalls they came back on stage and finished the night with the first single released from Swell, “Caution,” ending the song with Mattheisen jumping into the audience and surfing the waves of the crowd.

Jetty Bones

Oso Oso

Mom Jeans

Tiny Moving Parts

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