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Turnstile – Tangent Art Gallery – 4.10.18

Turnstile, Touché Amoré, Culture Abuse, Razorbumps, BIB                                                Tangent Art Gallery – Detroit, MI – 4.10.18                                                                                      Photographer: Kyle Smutzki

It isn’t very often that a tour package comes along where each band has a unique sound. Baltimore hardcore band Turnstile hit the ball out of the park with this collection of artists that came together to tour for their brand new record release, Time & Space with RoadRunner Records.

Hardcore punk band BIB trailed from Omaha, Nebraska and opened up the show with a jump. The combination of the low stage with the packed room was the perfect atmosphere. Everyone in the band seemed to be running on all cylinders which was reflected in their tight sound.

RazorBumps from Denton, Texas took the stage next. They brought a raw, lo-fi punk/garage energy with them. Their performance this night led me to grow more familiar with their work, and I’ve quickly grown as a fan. The band recently released a music video for their song “Make Your Mark” right before the start of the tour.

Culture Abuse was a highly anticipated set of the evening. The band opened their set with “Calm E”, the first single released from their upcoming record, Bay Dream. Due to the single being exposed a week prior to the show, many fans were singing along with frontman David Kelling.

The album will be produced, engineered and mixed by Carlos de la Garza (Jimmy Eat World, Paramore). It is set to release on June 15th through Epitaph Records. Their set included a heavy dose of songs from their 2016 release Peach.

Touché Amoré was full of power from the first chord of “~” to the final moments of “Honest Sleep”. I was introduced to this band through their 2011 album Parting The Seas Between Brightness and Me years back and my jaw nearly dropped in excitement when I saw they were one this tour.

Frontman Jeremy Bolm announced at the beginning of their set that the band recently hit their 1000th show mark a few steps back as a band. Their set that evening made it clear that they were professionals with their art.

Midway through the set, Julien Baker (who coincidentally had a show in Detroit that same evening at El Club) sang her parts alongside Bolm in “Skyscrapers”.  The crowd ambushed the stage and stole the mic for the closing song “Honest Sleep”.

This was Turnstile‘s first stop in Detroit since the release of their new album Time & Space.  The amount of energy and passion this band puts into every live performance is incomparable. It’s hard to find a band that has more fun than these guys have on stage and tonight was a pure display of that.

Their set consisted of 16 songs, including four brand new songs off of Time & Space including “I Don’t Wanna Be Blind”, “Moon” and “Real Thing”.

The crowd showed no sign of settling down as the movement in the crowd grew through each song.  Five songs into the set, drummer Daniel Fang handed over the sticks to Derrick Daniel, drummer of Detroit hardcore band True Love with a lasting smile as Derrick played through “Generator”.

Banger after banger the band continued on with their set. For “Death Grip” Fang once again gave his sticks away, but this time to Jake Duhaime of Freedom/Citizen.

Turnstile ended their set with “Keep it Moving” off of their 2013 album Step 2 Rhythm. Frontman Brendan Yates demanded everyone get on stage. Suddenly, was no more room to move for anyone who could fit up on the stage. The show ended as the crowd carried Yates on their shoulders and shouted the last line of the song; “Keep it movin'”.



Touché Amoré


Culture Abuse 






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