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Wage War – St. Andrews Hall – 10.3.19

Wage War, Like Moths to Flames, Polaris, Dayseeker
St. Andrews Hall – Detroit, MI – 10.3.19
Photographer: Kailey Howell

Fresh off the release of their third album Pressure via Fearless Records, Florida natives Wage War have taken off across North America with friends in Polaris, Like Moths to Flames and Dayseeker.

Fronted by Briton Bond, the crowd roared with applause when he took the stage. The band was quick to break into opening song “Who I Am.” Almost immediately, a pit opened in the center of the room and crowd surfers started hurling themselves towards the barrier.

Cody Quistad’s clean vocals rang through the yells of the crowd – standing out against the intricate yet heavy instrumentals from Seth Blake (guitar,) Chris Gaylord (bass,) and Stephen Kluesener (drums.)

After “Prison” the band eagerly switched to “Don’t Let Me Fade Away,” a fan favorite from their previous album Deadweight Other songs from the band’s sophomore album featured on the setlist include “Gravity,” “Witness,” a heartfelt rendition of “Johnny Cash” and closing song “Stitch.”

While lyrics were screamed from fans throughout the whole night, the room definitely shook a little more during some of the bands older work. During the breakdown of “Hollow” the entire room shook as the floor moved back and forth.

It was refreshing to see that with an album as successful and experimental as Pressure, the band exceeded expectations live. The album lends itself to a live atmosphere with gusto, making it something that must be heard live to truly appreciate.

Each opening band on this bill brought their own blend of power to the stage. Direct support Like Moths to Flames have been around the heavy scene since their debut release When We Don’t Exist in 2011.

The band featured their latest single, “All That You Lost” in their set – proving they can still keep up the emerging metal bands in the scene. Older tracks like “You Won’t Be Missed” and “Bury Your Pain” brought a blend of nostalgia and adrenaline to the room that created the perfect energy before the headliner.

Polaris, a band with only one full length album under their belt, carried themselves with the energy and talented musicianship of a band with three or four albums.

Opening with “The Remedy” the room immediately broke into the heaviest pits of the evening. Vocalist Jamie Halls growled on stage as he ran around swinging the mic chords with him. The impressive sight was far from distracting as it complimented the heavy, fast paced notes coming from the band.

Halls demanded a wall of death, dividing almost the entire hall in two before utter chaos took over the floor. After “Consume” the band closed their set with “Lucid,” leaving fans in awe of the set.

The opener of the evening was Dayseeker, also fresh off the release of their new album Sleeptalk. The band opened with “Drunk” off of the new album, drawing fans close to the stage. By the end of their set, the crowd was cheering the band on. After hearing the captivation of Rory Rodriguez’s vocals, new fans were created after the groups short, but powerful set.

More information on upcoming shows on the Pressure tour can be found here. You can stream Pressure here.

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