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ALMA on tour with Tove Lo – St. Andrews – 2.18.20

Finnish powerhouse ALMA is currently embarking on tour with female pop sensation Tove Lo.

The 23 year old released “Bad News Baby” towards the end of 2019 off of her upcoming album Have U Seen Her. This is the third single off of the upcoming work.

“’Bad News Baby’ is my alter ego who can do anything and is unbreakable,” she says about the track in a press release. “She is fearless, she is anxiety free, she doesn’t care what you think of her.”

The young artist provides powerhouse vocals, and proves that she is here to stay. Her confident persona takes control both on and off the stage – making it hard to look away from her characteristic highlighter toned hair.

On tour with Tove Lo, ALMA is the perfect opening act. She engages the crowd with her relatable personality. Her music has the crowd moving – even if it is their first time hearing her work.

Her setlist opens with “Have U Seen Her?” – the title track from the upcoming album. Despite the anticipation of her future work, she doesn’t leave out some of the singles that helped build her career. Examples include “Cowboy” and closing track “Chasing Highs.”

However, her set isn’t the last that the crowd will see of ALMA. As a surprise, she joins Tove Lo on stage for “Bad as the Boys” and “Bitches.”

As her forthcoming album gains traction on tour, ALMA is an artist who already has a decorated portfolio as a songwriter. She co-wrote two songs on Miley Cyrus’ She is Coming including feminine anthem “Mothers Daughter” and ‘Cattitude’ ft. RuPaul. She also has credits on Charles Angel’s theme song “Don’t Call Me Angel.”

ALMA can be followed on Instagram here. Stream “Bad News Baby” here.


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