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Attila – Saint Andrews Hall -7.26.18

Attila, Suicide Silence, Volumes, Rings of Saturn, Spite, Cross Your Fingers
Saint Andrews Hall – Detroit, MI – 7.26.18
Photographer: Kailey Howell

This summer Attila has been hosting Rage Fest, a tour that includes talent in Suicide Silence, Volumes, Rings of Saturn, Spite and Cross Your Fingers.

Cross Your Fingers opened their set quickly after doors opened at Saint Andrews here in Detroit. As the crowd gathered by the barrier, the band played songs off of their most recent release Roses.

Spite, easily one of the heaviest bands on the bill opened their set with “Psychopath” off of their 2016 self titled album. Vocalist Darius Tehrani was a whirlwind of energy on stage. The band’s 2017 album Nothing Is Beautiful was released via Stay Sick Recordings, run by Attila’s own Chris Fronzak.

Texas metal band Rings of Saturn took the stage next. The band’s intricate instrumentals in combination with Ian Bearer’s quick, high pitched screams created an intense scene on stage. Fans heaved themselves over the barrier to scream along to the music. The band included songs off of their 2017 album Ultu Ulla such as “Harvest” and “The Relic”.

Hernan Hermida of Suicide Silence reigned over the crowd as the band broke into “You Only Live Once”. The passion that the band has on stage is very present. The band included two songs off of their most recent self titled album; “Doris” and “Hold Me Up, Hold Me Down”.

After a siren rang through the chants of the infamous Attila lyrics “suck my fuck” from fans, Attila broke into “Three 6”. Quickly followed was three of their most iconic songs, “About That Life”, “Callout”, and “Middle Fingers Up”. This drove the crowd wild.

Fronzak was a riot on stage, constantly making fun faces and interacting with the crowd. The band closed their set with one of their most recent singles, “Pizza”.

Attila will be continuing the Rage Fest tour through late August. Check out our gallery of photos from the show below!

Cross Your Fingers


Rings of Saturn


Suicide Silence


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