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Capstan highlights passion and craftsmanship with Restless Heart, Keep Running

Capstan have truly refined their talent and presented one of the most impactful releases of the season. Their debut album with Fearless RecordsRestless Heart, Keep Running combines the best of the best that the band has to offer.

The Florida progressive post-hardcore group consists of Anthony DeMario (vocals), Harrison Bormann (guitar), Andrew “Bozz” Bozymowski (bass, vocals), Joseph Mabry (guitar), and Scott Fisher (drums.)

Together, the band creates a work of art that ranges from the delicate piano of the opening track “An Open Door” to the hard hitting breakdowns like that of “I’ll Bury the Hatchet When They Bury You.”

“Capstan is the constant search for something unique,” states Bozz in a press release. “It’s all about progression. Among the five of us, we’re on the same page regarding the overall vision for the future. We really push to balance extremes: soft and sad, pretty and meaningful, harsh and explosive. It’s in-your-face.”

Capstan has had a successful year leading up to this moment – playing the final Vans Warped Tour, opening for Silverstein and Hawthorne Heights until finally signing with Fearless Records.

After releasing a record debut single of “Stars Before the Sun,” the band teamed up with Andrew Wade (A Day to Remember, Wage War) to create the album.

After the delicate introduction of the opening track, the album kicks into “Abstracted.” As always, the lyricism paints an emotional picture.

“I’m happy that you could be here / Won’t you stay for a while? / I hope this finds you well and you burn a little bit brighter / Because I’ve felt loss and heartache, and I know that you have too / If words can convey I trust you see the truth”

“It felt like everything came together after all these years,” Bozz states in a press release. “We want to grab listeners with our musicianship, but we don’t want to lose the heart and soul of emo. We live and die by really memorable choruses and want to blow listeners away with emotion. That’s the science of Capstan.”

The lyrics aren’t the only thing that are beautiful in this album. The melodies across the board are mind-blowing, and show true craftsmanship from the band. Tracks like “There Is No Answer” and “Nothing Met, Nothing Moved” highlight this.

The dynamics that Capstan can hold furthermore proves their place in the saturated post-hardcore scene. The band has the ability to switch from pretty harmonies to intense and powerful riffs with backing harsh vocals with ease.

The album ends with two tracks that are sure to stick in your mind.

“Hideaway” – a romantic acoustic tune that begs to be sung to a close companion shows a lighter side of the band. Meanwhile, the closing track “The Love That Remains” intertwines saxophone and acoustic guitar.

“We write about life, death, happiness, sadness, day-to-day life, and the human condition” Bozz continues in the press release. “One of the center points is perseverance though. It’s getting through any situation in front of you. No matter what, you will have ups and downs. You just have to keep enduring. You’re constantly working to move forward and progress. The line ‘Restless Heart, Keep Running’ summarizes the record.”

While the band strayed away from heavy hitting sounds like “Politically Correct” – found in their debut release Seasonal Depression – they showed that there is still intricacy and power in the melodic side of things.

“It comes down to real chops and also real emotion,” Bozz says in a press release. “We’re stepping out of bounds and communicating something honest. We hope everyone feels it.”

Album Highlights: “Fix” “Indelible” and “Terminal.”

Capstan will be headlining The Pike Room in Pontiac on October 11. Information on tickets can be found here.

You can stream Restless Heart, Keep Running here. Watch the music video for “Fix” below.








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