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Dayseeker refine their sound with Sleeptalk

When a band defines themselves as “post-hardcore” it takes distinctive qualities in order to stand out in an oversaturated genre. Dayseeker do just that, and more with the release of their fourth album Sleeptalk. 

After an expansive list of tours including the final Vans Warped tour, the band buckled down at home in southern California to record with Daniel Braunstein to establish a groundbreaking sound.

“Crooked Soul” was the first single off of the album – giving fans a taste of the new depth of lyricism that lead vocalist Rory Rodriguez has reached.

Lyrics like “Drunk off mistakes / addicted to the everlasting hell / So I take another drink, throw up in the sink / The darker that it gets the easier I can breathe” paint a vivid picture for those listening. The breakdown in the song, consisting of the low, harsh vocals growling just one line “I see a devil in myself” hit hard.

The album opens with “Drunk.” The opening track gives sight to the harmonies and use of electronic samples that will flow seamlessly throughout the album.

The chorus of “Burial Plot” song begs to be sang along with, crying out along with Rodriguez as he sings in his usual angst-driven style.

The album strays away from heavier tones like fans heard in songs like “Vultures” and “The Nail in Our Coffin” from previous work.

However, the work of newcomer Ramone Valero (bass) finds fluidity with drummer Mike Karle. Together, the two don’t battle for the spotlight in the music like some heavy music portrays. Valero and Karle balance each other perfectly. Songs like “The Color Black” make use of this perfectly.

“Gates of Ivory” kicks off with a heavy opening verse, allowing the riffs from the bands guitarist Gino Sbambelluri to carry it through. The heavy verses juxtapose the melodic moments of Rodriguez’s harmonies, creating a blend that welcomes the new sound without forgetting where the band started.

The use of electronic samples in the album isn’t to add heaviness and hype, but moments of beauty and delicacy. The song “Already Numb” brings vibes of an alt-pop track without seeming too top 20.

“Already Numb” showcases the insightful lyrics that shine on this album. “You make it so hard to feel loved / when I’m already numb.” sings Rodriguez. The song gives an emotional insight to a narrative to ones pain.

The addition of female vocals in “Starving to be Empty” creates a notable duet that adds to that narrative of the song.

The album closes with “Crash and Burn,” a tear wrenching track that builds a crescendo to some of the prettiest instrumentals on the album. The single ends with a hard hitting bridge that includes harsh vocals from Rodriguez. All of the emotions and energy have led up to this moment – the hardest hitting breakdown of the album.

Sleeptalk is available for purchase and streaming on all major platforms. This Fall, the band will be joining Wage War, Like Moths to Flames and Polaris on tour. They will be here in Detroit on Oct. 3. Tickets and information can be found here.

Album Highlights: “The Color Black,” “Numb,” and “Starving to be Empty.”

*Photo by Kaytlin Dargen
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