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Geoffroy releases heartfelt album “1952”

Montreal based singer-songwriter Geoffroy is releasing his second English-speaking record 1952 on November 1st with Bonsound Records.

Geoffrey dedicates the album to his mother, who passed away from breast cancer in 2017. The Quebec native dives deeps into realms of emotion, nostalgia and heartbreak through his raw musicianship.

“The Fear of Falling Apart” is a perfect example of the latter.

“Breast cancer took my beloved mother away from me in 2017, 11 years after the first diagnosis,” Geoffrey states. “I wrote this song a few months after her passing. In the last weeks, I told her my next album would be dedicated to her. She smiled. I wish she could hear it, but at least she knows.”

The debut single “Woke Up Late” was premiered by Atwood.

“At the beginning the idea was to film a live take, in my bandmates’ late Grandfathers home, which has this crazy 70s aesthetic and feels stuck in time,” Geoffroy told Atwood.  “It took a single conversation for that video idea to devolve into just throwing a party and shooting it but in a rare show of maturity, we decided against that.”

“The reality is I wanted to showcase the relationship we all have as a band, as they are truly everything to me,” he continues. “I wanted someone to feel like they might get an idea of what its like at our shows, just a gang of stoner friends making music.  The audio in the video is actually a live take from that house, thats also probably important to note.”

Sprinkles of Geoffroy’s personal life are prevalent not only in the music, but the artwork on the album as well. The cover, designed by Montreal tattoo artist Dan Climan, is based on a photo of Geoffroy’s mother.

“A lot of it has to do with retracing his steps, spending time writing in the backyard garden of his childhood home in NDG and digging through old family VHS tapes,” states a press release. “It won’t necessarily click with listeners at first that Geoffroy is exploring such personal territory, specifically his mother’s passing from cancer in 2017, and that’s by design.”

The album follows his debut work Coastline in 2017. The album was met with widespread success, earning a spot on the Polaris Music Prize long list and reaching over 25 million streams.

You can stream the album here.

Photo by: William Arcand




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