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Hooby and the Yabbit is just getting started

What started as a cover band for singer/songwriter Ian Hawkins, has turned into the UK based music group Hooby and the Yabbit. 

I started writing songs which I more or less recorded on my own in a studio I built around an old analogue console I had (and still have),” Hawins says. “Some more friends dubbed some sax and harmonica and then Ron mixed it, so on and so on – it certainly didn’t happen overnight.”

In 2018, the band released Out of Time – a four song EP that can be described as “electro blues acoustic(ish) hobo rock designed for late nite listening folks” according to the band’s Bandcamp.

The track “Movietown” is one that resonates with Hawkins because of its political tones.

It was inspired by the invasion of Iraq in 2002/3,” he explains. “Also it’s catchy as well I think. Bluesy, catchy, political….thats got to be worth a listen, right? It was the first proper song I wrote really as well.”

Hawkins shares that he draws inspiration from the blues.

“I try to do my own thing with it – old stuff has a simplicity to it which I find really appealing in terms of lyrics, sound and everything,” he says. “Lead Belly and such, often just vocal and acoustic which is often tuned low. And they’re singing about something that’s happened you know? An event or a place or situation. Its kind of like a piece of history coming to life. Love that.”

Hawkins says that he is consistently working on improving his craft.

“[I’m] studying harmony and old traditional acoustic music,” he says. “Song writing, I used to just stick lyrics on in order to get to the solo but these days its more personal, and they mean more to me.”

In 2019, Hawkins and his supporting band performed various live shows as well as released a music video for “Movietown.”

You can follow the band on Facebook to see what they have in store for the new decade. Out of Time can be streamed here.



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