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‘PSYCHO/tropic’ is a step into a new era for Joshua Powell

With this 2019 release artist Joshua Powell, alongside co-collaborators Adam Shuntich and Jacob Powell, have stepped into a new lane. Straying away from his original band name — Joshua Powell and the Great Train Robbery — also meant shedding their classic folk sound in favor of a more new-aged genre mashup.

While the 2015 release Alyosha was a safe deviation from the band’s style, PSYCHO/tropic packed up and allowed Powell to start anew.

The sound can be described a variety of ways, spiritual indie-folk with rock inspiration is one, but “dreamy freeform psychedelic rock ‘n roll” is how [Joshua] Powell himself describes it. It mixes his clean vocals perfectly into the folk rooted and 1970’s inspired riffs and melodies that have been modernized.

The accompanying visuals provided in the music videos for songs like “Arrowheads or Worse” provide a creative, thought provoking look into the songs. The rhythmic sound juxtaposes the bright, stimulating colors in the video.

The 11-song album boasts an interesting look into his mind and thoughts on the world; confrontational at times and clashing at others. This album brings forth the person that Joshua Powell is, unabashedly and unhidden from the listener.

Overall the vibe of the album is one that says, “I’m here and this is me.” While Powell’s choice to step into the light and be vulnerable could have been a misstep, the music speaks for itself and shines bright.

Powell will be on tour early April with The Outside Voices. Select dates and tickets can be found here.

You can stream PSYCHO/tropic here and follow Powell on Twitter to keep up to date with what he has in store.




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