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Shallow Pools debut single “It’s A You Thing”

“…it pushed us to approach writing in a different way than we have in the past”

Alt pop rock band Shallow Pools release their debut single and corresponding video “It’s A You Thing” today. The three piece band from Massachusetts consists of Jess Gromada (guitar), Glynnis Brennan (vocals, bass), and Ali Ajemian (drums).

The video, directed by Ali Ajemian and Andrew Young features moody lights that help enhance the emotions in the single. The colors play along with the vibes that the band’s sound embodies.

Together the band is working on promoting inclusivity and a welcoming environment in the music scene. 

Contributor Alexis Backus chatted with the band regarding “It’s A You Thing” and what went into creating the song and video.

Alexis Backus: Tell me a little about the writing process for “It’s a You Thing”?

Shallow Pools: “It’s A You Thing” started out as an upbeat, pop rock song, but when we went into the studio, we really changed the vibe. We played around with keys, synth, and guitar effects, and it pushed us to approach writing in a different way than we have in the past.

AB: Were there any risks you took with the writing of this song?

SP: Once we finished the instrumental, we completely scrapped all of the lyrics and rewrote them to fit the new vibe of the song. We’re definitely happy with how everything turned out!

AB: I enjoy all the bright colors and fashion in the video, did you have any inspirations?

SP: Thank you!! Yes definitely, the inspiration for the colored tube lights came from Camila Cabello’s music video for Havana. As far as fashion, we pulled inspiration from a few people. We like how Hayley Williams experiments with different styles and colors. We also think Little Mix has really cool stage outfits.

AB: With this specific release, what message are you wanting to reach to your audience?

SP: If you’re in a toxic relationship with someone, and you feel like you’re trapped in a cycle of being let down, you shouldn’t feel like you have to stick around.

AB: How would you describe your sound?

SP: We’re definitely a mix of alternative and pop rock.

AB: Do you have any future plans or tours in the works?

SP: Yes!! We’re currently working on finishing up our EP, which we plan to release in the fall. We also have a few local shows lined up for the summer!

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