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The Amity Affliction – The Majestic – 1.26.19

The Amity Affliction, Senses Fail, Silent Planet, Belmont
The Majestic – Detroit, MI – 1.26.19
Photographer: Kirsten Smith

Even with the weather as chilly as it was this past Saturday, fans were lined up around the block of The Majestic, ready for the astounding show that lie ahead.

Starting off with Belmont, the pop-punk act healing from Chicago. A crazy amount of energy was flowing through the crowd the entire performance, along with amazing melodies and wicked riffs. Not as well-known as the other bands, though still there were many fans singing along to every song. Belmont really know how to kick off a show.

Next up was the unbelievable sound of California metalcore band Silent Planet. Front man Garrett Russell had an amazing way with the crowd who were going mental the entire set. One minute his bare feet were grinding across the stage, the next he was in the middle of the crowd with everyone singing along.

The band had a thunderous sound as drummer Alex Camarena and bassist Thomas Freckleton to be going, that, along with the mental riffs that guitarist Michael Stark was producing. By the end of their set, everyone needed a well deserved break.

Then we have Senses Fail, the band that just plain rocks. They brought in emotional and intense it to the table, along with some grade A tire by Buddy Nielsen- who’s vocals hit you right in the chest. All of that, paired with a performance that tired me out just from watching it left the crowd wanting more.

The band released their latest studio album If There Is Light, It Will Find You which perfectly represents the band as a whole. Even during the slower songs, the energy was immense the entire set.

Finally, it was time for the main event, The Amity Affliction. As soon as the lights dimmed, the crowd kept squeezing closer and closer to the rail, just waiting for that first song to hit. The band just released their sixth studio album Misery in August. The album brought a different but very pleasing sound and a great change for the band.

The lighting was astounding for their set, really tying in the whole mood. The difference in sound between front man Joel Birch and bassist Ahren Stringer together, bring amazing sound that is quite unmatched in the metalcore scene.

You can stream Misery here and follow The Amity Affliction on Facebook to keep up to date with their tour.


Silent Planet

Senses Fail

The Amity Affliction

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