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ThePicassos release “Moth Eaten Sweaters”


Detroit’s spooky punk rock band ThePicassos recently released a two track EP, Moth Eaten Sweaters, on November 18th through Metro Detroit recording company, Equal Recordings.

The band chose this fitting release date being it is the official Occult Day, which is a day devoted annually to the supernatural and spiritual world and self.

Charles Urban started ThePicassos in 2015. Now the band is collaborating as a three piece including Dan Lowe on bass,  Thorin Murphy-Fahlgren on drums and keys, and Urban playing guitar and doing vocals.

This is the first collection of music officially released as a three piece band, although they have been playing shows together for some time now. Urban provides the skeleton of the tracks and from there on Lowe and Murphy-Fahlgren add their own flare to their individual parts. The tracks are both recorded and mixed by Murphy-Fahlgren, and mastered by Ryan West of West Vision Recording.

The first track titled “Moth” is a full band collaborative track when it came to writing. The song starts off with quiet, distorted vocals from Urban and then builds up to a loud full band jam with a garage rock feel. The intro pays homage to the bands origins of previously being a one man band, but the song quickly transitions into a full band sound showing ThePicassos sound is evolving.

The second track of the EP, “Ripper” is a preexisting song that was written by Urban and then reworked and brought back to life with the full bands creativity. The production of this song is heavily reminiscent of a 90’s influence, similar to The Pixies or Smashing Pumpkins. The production blends Urban’s spooky, dreamy vocals with a drum sound that     feels live and demands to be listened to at full volume.

For more updates on releases, shows, and events find ThePicassos on Facebook. You can follow the band on Instagram at @thepicassos.

Stream Moth Eaten Sweaters everywhere now.

Photo by Rolando Ybarra


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