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Vote With Your Wallet – The Crofoot – 4.14.18

Vote With Your Wallet
The Crofoot Complex – Pontiac, MI – 4.14.2018
Photographers: Kailey Howell & Alexis Backus

The Crofoot Complex in Pontiac, MI was packed for Vote With Your Wallet, a charity festival that featured tons of local talent.

The concept of the festival was very unique, rather than raising money to donate to one Michigan based charity, fans were allowed to choose one of fours charity they would donate to. Options included; Girls Rock Detroit, Ruth Ellis Center, Six Feet Over/Suck It Suicide, and HOPE.

Upon entering, fans were given a puzzle piece in exchange for their ticket. Each puzzle piece was worth a $2 donation towards the charity who’s jar it was placed into. Additional donations were accepted as well.

Fusion Shows announced that at the end of the evening, exactly $3600 was raised, with the most money going towards Six Feet Over/Suck It Suicide. One unnamed band generously donated their entire payout of $400.

The community coming together for a great cause was a heartwarming sight as the entire complex grew more and more packed as the night went on. Bands performed in the ballroom, the Pike Room, and the Vernors Room.

The evening kicked off in the Vernors Room with Amessa. Amanda Satriani, Ashley Donaldson, and Jess Coleman come together to bring a sound of soft tones and smooth harmonies. They announced during their set that they are currently recording new material.  

Royal Oak based band Kimball followed suit in the Pike Room with their indie vibes. The band’s debut EP North Wilson is set to release on June 1st, just before they host a release show at The Loving Touch on June 8th.

Beta Camp opened the ballroom a little later in the evening. These Detroit natives were far from shy on stage.  Their fun and upbeat sound was a great way to get the crowd moving. The band’s really high energy that they kept up throughout the set was well received, and mirrored by the crowd.

After The Thoughtlife performed favorites off of their debut album, Monsters & Revelations in the Pike Room, the crowd gathered downstairs for If Walls Could Talk.

The band’s fun, theatrical presence brought tons of interaction between them and the crowd. During “Summertime” vocalist Tony Burke roamed through the crowd as they took selfies with him. The band announced that they would be donating a $100 ticket to charity that night as well.

Mister gave off an old school rap vibe with his interesting beats and entertaining lyricism, drawing a crowd in the Vernors Room.  He will be hitting the road for all of May supporting Height Keech across the United States. 

Other notable sets in the Vernors Room included singer/songwriter Natalie Lucassian (not pictured) from Detroit, MI and Jake Lemond (not pictured) joined by Kylee Phillips. Matt Sauter from Plymouth, MI performed his folk/blues work as Adventures With Vultures (not pictured) to close the Vernors Room.

Detroit’s own Brother Elsey is on the move with their newest album release, Matador. Made up of three brothers, this unique country band is drawing attention from many people, causing their set to be one of the most anticipated of the evening.

After The Doozers showcased their indie rock sound, The Pretty Okay filled the Pike Room.  Giving off their rock and roll vibes in addition to vocalist Alyssa Riley’s astonishing range, the band was definitely one of the highlights of the evening.

They included a cover of “I Kissed A Girl” by Katy Perry. This gave fans a sneak peek at their upcoming set covering Katy Perry’s One of the Boys at The Ten Year Fanfare on May 18th.

Afterwords, Better Thoughts (not pictured) from Troy, MI closed The Pike Room. The band will be playing BLED fest this year in Howell, MI on May 26th.

Stories Untold performed an intense set on the ballroom stage next. Fans sang along to the majority of the songs, especially “Hostage”. Stories Untold will be joining The Pretty Okay at the Ten Year Fanfare as well when they cover Fall Out Boys’ Folie a Deux.

A Year in New York caused jaws to drop as they headlined the show. After the successful release of Forget Me Knots in 2017, fans have been anticipating new music. Michael Miller and Brittany Christofel joined by Ben Schutlz performed not just one, but two new songs. Their set ended the entire evening on a high note.




Beta Camp

The Thoughtlife

If Walls Could Talk

The Doozers


Brother Elsey

The Pretty Okay

Stories Untold

A Year in New York

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